[ 11 ] Paintings, collage on various surfaces.

2713 Avebury Ave | e: lisa.jackson@shaw.ca
w:www.lisajacksonart.ca | Instagram: @lisajackson6679

Lisa Jackson - Portrait
Lisa in her element – Photo by Claudia Pedraza

Artist Statement

I have a BFA from many years ago and rent a studio in Rock Bay Square on Bridge Street. I show up at the studio most days because I am curious. I never know what I’ll discover or what the outcome of the day’s work will be. I like to experiment with materials and surfaces – paint, ink, wax, collage, stencils, canvas, plywood, tissue paper or fabric. I love the experience of painting and the process. I like that there is no certainty in it. I only know when I get there that I have arrived. I enjoy the mystery and opportunity to discover. I like the poetry of that.