2020 Artist Studio Location Map


Beth Doman | 5


Susan Kelly | 10


Linda Molloy | 13

Acrylic on Canvas, Glass Jewelry and Painted Bottle Lights.

Iris Moore | 14

Ink, oil, watercolour, multimedia.

Lilliana Paz | 18

One of a Kind Handwoven Textiles and Hand Drawn Mandala Illustrations.

Torsten Schoeneberg | 20

Storytelling and Poetry.

Laurie Baxter | 1


Charles Cannon | 4

Black & White Photography.

Gail Brown | 2

Joys of nature expressed through the brush.

Maura Byrne | 3

Printmaking, alla prima still life, portraits and landscapes.

Robin Drader | 6

Acrylics, oils and Watercolours on various surfaces.

Emily Grav | 7

Acrylics, oil, watercolour and drawing.

Margaret Hantiuk | 8

Paintings in oils and watercolour, drawings with multimedia.

John Hillian and Deirdre Kelly (in Memory) | 9

Multimedia themes of nature, women, seasons, spirituality. Prints, cards, more.

Laurie McAmmond | 11

Watercolour and mixed media.

Francois Milly | 12

Whimsical driftwood sculptures, cement bird baths, outdoor and indoor art.

Nancy Murphy | 15

Printmaking, ink and watercolour and drawing.

John James O’Brien | 16

Soft pastel, acrylic, line and wash, digital art, objects.

PACS Pandora Arts Collective Society | 17

Wellbeing through painting, collage, printmaking, fibres: creative upcycling.

Shambhala Meditation Center | 19

Painting, collage, pottery, textiles, photography, cards, bookmarks. There are many artists and art practices within the centre such as Ikebana…

CarrolAnn Smedley | 21

Mixed media, acrylic

Dana Statham | 22

Acrylic on canvas

Jo Vipond | 23

Oils, acrylic, watercolours, woven seaweed baskets.

Erik Volet | 24

Oil & acrylic Paintings.

Our Neigbourhood​

Our Neighbourhood

Our Neigbourhood​

Our Neigbourhood​

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