[ 12 ] (in Memory) Acrylic, oil, multimedia. Prints, cards, more. 

1124 Pembroke St. | t: 250-590-1277 |
e: jhillian@shaw.ca | w: www.deirdrekellyfineart.com

Deirdre Kelly - Portrait
Deirdre showing her creations

Artist Statement

Deirdre was one of the original participants of the Fernwood Art Stroll when it began in 2008, and continued showing her art until her passing in early 2018. Deirdre was a member of the Gage Gallery in Oak Bay for 3 years, and her 3 shows during that time can be seen on YouTube at “Deirdre Kelly at the Gage Arts Collective”. Deirdre was very prolific in her art making and made a positive impact in many people’s lives during her lifetime. Her husband is proud to continue showing her work in this year’s Fernwood Art Stroll, so that her many friends and contacts in the art and social justice communities can come and see her work and have a chance to remember her bright and optimistic personality, evidence of which can be seen in her paintings.