[ 16 ] Whimsical driftwood sculptures

1620 Fernwood Road |   | e: fmilly@telus.net

Artist Statement

Whatever words you choose to describe these colourful painted sculptures, what’s common is a fusion of the natural and the abstract. Each piece, carefully sifted from local beaches has a surreal quality reflecting Francois’ playful perspective of life. “The wood tells me what it wants to be, animal, person or a combination.” “The shapes start naturally and then finish in my imagination”. Each object is a unique work of whimsy, stretching the bounds of creativity.

Francois was born in Lyon, France and raised in North Africa. He credits his mother, a painter, for his strong visual interpretation of the work. In 1990, settling in Vancouver he worked as an art director for children’s TV and Film. His past includes “laughter yoga” instructor, BnB owner and interior decorator. Today he lives and works in the “Church House”, a converted 100 year old Unitarian Chapel where he spends his days creating objets d’art while tending to his garden sanctuary with his beloved Coton de Tulears, “jaja” and “potpot”.