[ 14 ] Oils, Essence of Victoria –  Vancouver Island

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e: german@germanmckenzie.com | w: germanmckenzie.com

Jaramillo-German-Mckenzie - Portrait
German, plain-air

Artist Statement

Since I moved to Victoria in 2017, I have been captivated by the surroundings of this place, the old buildings, the close proximity to the forest, the people I meet who come from different backgrounds, the weather etc. Currently, my art is a relationship between my feelings as a newcomer and the sense of discovery of this island. It is not a photographic replication that I am after, rather, it is the sum of individual strokes done by brushes and palette knives that permeates the canvas. I shift the replication to a more ephemeral imagery looking for the essence of this place. I often make work as a diary, documenting my experiences and how I respond to it. My paintings establish a link between external reality and the scene imagined and interpreted by the artist.