[ 7 ] Oils, screen printing, portraits, found surfaces

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James Grimshaw - Portrait
… ready to art …

Artist Statement

Born in Langley, British Columbia, James is a West Coast artist residing on Vancouver Island. James spent much time travelling Australasia, and closer to home within the mountains of the Sea to Sky corridor. He completed his Diploma of Illustration in Victoria, BC. James has been driven to become an impactful artist from a young age. His work represents the connection of humans to the natural world, and how this connection directly affects mental health and stability. Fascinated by travel, culture, nature and the mind, James’ artwork reflects his experiences, and continues to grow as he does. He has worked doing various portraits, illustrations and commissioned artworks since high school, and has developed his own artistic persona and clothing brand, Grim Propaganda. James seeks to promote mindful consciousness within his artwork, representing mother nature and her most beautiful regret, the human form.