[ 26 ] representational, abstract; mixed media paintings, kelp baskets

1444 Begbie Street |   |   | t: 250 595-2695
e: auntbess@shaw.ca | w: www.2catsartstudio.com

Artist Statement

I paint in oils, acrylic and watercolours and find that they all have their respective qualities. I also make papier mache bowls and weave seaweed into baskets. I paint because I want to get my ideas down on canvas. I create images of ideas and feel there is a need to balance the weight of colours with the shapes in order to make the painting. Weaving baskets from seaweed is meditative, and the basket when it dries, makes its own shape. Making papier mache bowls are a challenge because they too alter their shape. I am happiest in my studio with my cats, my music and my paints.