[ 20 ] Acrylic paintings, watercolours, monoprints 

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t: 250 386-0826 | e: joannapettit@gmail.com |
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Joanna Pettit - Portrait

Artist Statement

In my abstract paintings I explore the edges of colour, texture and form. I am interested in the places where one colour meets another, whether a pure colour or a muted one created by layering transparent tones one over another. I work with acrylic paint and mediums using a variety of tools to make marks and create textures and layers. My tools range from brushes to squeegees to plastic scrapers, both large and small. I often begin by selecting a few colours, either related or complementary, and then work with tools to apply them to canvas or board to create areas of colour. Then I build up the tones and shades of colour and scrape back to reveal the underlying structure of the piece. To me the most important aspect of the work is the feeling evoked through the combination of tone, texture and light/dark areas and the spaces created within the painting.